[1] T4 No More Red Skin-Surface Bumps-Spider Veins-1 oz.-For All Skin Types: $49.50
Repairs All Skin Types- Oil-Free: for Sensitive/Red-Rosacea Skin-reduces red Rosacea skin + heals surface bumps on face due to sun-blemished/acne, physical + chemical aggression, has an instant calming effect, reduces spider veins + broken capillaries on face-Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 (Matrixyl) + Dipeptide-2 + Red Marine Algae significantly thicken thin skin, inhibit collagen breakdown, reduce fine lines + increase skin elasticity + firmness.

[2] T4 Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Creme-1 oz.- For All Skin Types: $59
Repairs All Skin Types-oil free: time released 1 million i.u. units pure vitamin a: small molecule penetrating outer skin, exfoliates w/out irritation, increases cell turnover, declogs, diminishes pores, stimulates collagen, elastin, minimizing lines, wrinkles, tightens, smooths skin, evens tone, diminishes scaring, brown spots, produces healthier, plumper cells, improves, controls cystic bumps + breakouts; antioxidant vitamin e fights free radicals; oil-free squalene, jojoba + apricot kernel naturally moisturize; hyaluronic acid plumps skin.

[3] T4 Retinol + Vitamin C Collagen Boosting Face Repair Crème-2 oz.-For All Skin Types: $64.50
Repairs All Skin Types-extremely hydrating; retinol naturally converts to tretinoin; gently exfoliates, resurfacing skin + improving cell production, repairs, improves fine lines, wrinkles, texture; vitamin c (tetrahexyldecyl), encapsulated oil soluble vitamin c, increases collagen, firms + repairs sun damage; soybean oil, natural moisturizing factor helps prevent water loss, creating smoothness; sodium hyaluronate, humectant + emollient, lubricating + soothing; allantoin, prevents irritation; vitamin e nourishes + protects against free radicals, ginseng + gingko, revitalize, condition, purify + detoxify, horse chestnut heals congestion + irritation, contains rosa canina, rich in vitamin c, a, b, b2, e, k, p, + Collagen to bind, moisturize + plump.

[4] T4 Intensive Healing + Hydrating Creme w/ Retinol + Vitamin C + E + CoQ10- 2 oz.: $48.50
Soothes irritated, red, sensitive + dry skin w/ bio fermentation red marine algae polypeptides. Substantially increases collagen stimulation; 20% increased firmness + 70% increased hydration in 4 weeks. Retinyl Palmitate + Vitamin C gently resurface + regenerate new skin cells; CoQ10 speeds cellular energy to skin's surface allowing hydrating ingredients to lubricate + soothe dehydrated skin; absorbs w/ a no-shine finish.

[5] T4 All Natural Leave-On 10% Mandelic Alpha Hydroxy Face + Body Peel-2 oz.- For All Skin Types: $56.00
Repairs All Skin Types- extracted from bitter almonds, a leave on, self-neutralizing liquid, low irritation, low redness; fights breakouts, wrinkles, kills bacteria w/ natural antibiotic action, reduces excess oil + unclogs pores, smooths, evens tone, brightens + reduces brown spots/dark patches, very safe for darkly pigmented skin.

[6] T4 Oxygen Revitalizing + Clarifying Leave On Night Mask-2 oz.- For All Skin Types: $52.50
Repairs All Skin Types-oxygen plasma + copper peptides correct, revive dull, fatigued skin tone, texture; tighten, stimulate collagen + elastin; delivers high oxygen levels into deep skin layers, promotes hydration, tightens, w/ anti-inflammatory properties to clarify redness, breakouts + congestion.

[7] T4 Natural Mineral Eye + Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Moisturizer-4% Titanium Dioxide-Full-Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB-2 oz.- For All Skin Types: $28.50
Protects All Skin Types-lightweight, transparent, paraben free, fragrance free-paba free; non-irritating, safe for babies + sensitive red skin + acne/breakout skin, naturally oil-free nourishing oils moisturize, 4% titanium dioxide, a physical sun block, minimizes premature aging, red inflammation, protects against dark spot formation, potent vitamin e (tocopheryl) supplies antioxidant + anti-pollution protection.

[8] T4 Anti-Aging SPF 25 Vibrant Day Brightening Creme-2 oz.-For All Skin Types: $48.50
Repairs All Skin Types-greaseless + matte finish: plant stem cells regulate collagen, brighten, improve skin blood flow, elasticity + texture; vitamin e, zinc oxide (4%) + green tea prevent + calm red skin, irritation, allergic reaction, sun, wind exposure; zinc oxide, excellent for moisture + protection; botanical antioxidants sage, birch, kola nut, aloe, vitamin e (tocopherol) reduces brown spots, decreases oiliness, increases hydration, fights free radicals + sun protector; green tea helps eliminate free radicals, safeguards healthy cells, anti-inflammatory + antibacterial; “oil-free” lightweight sheer non-irritating zinc repairs dehydration + damage + sensitive + break-out prone skin.