[1] T4 Body Boost Exfoliating + Firming Lotion-8 oz.- For All Skin Types: $39.50
Repairs All Skin Types-natural glycolic + lactic alpha hydroxy’s, dead sea salts, willow bark (salicylic), papaya enzyme, peptides, retinyl palmitate (vitamin a), antioxidants: coq10, vitamins e, argan oil, shea butter + hyaluronic acid break down dead cells, regenerate new plump cells; dipeptide-2 + tetrapeptide-7 reduce spider veins, redness, inflammation, fluid retention, firm, improve texture + elasticity; argan oil, shea butter, malic (apple), avocado, hyaluronic acid reduce redness, repair sun damage, restore dryness, provide refining linoleic, oleic essential fatty acids, lock + hold moisture in, restoring thin + wrinkled skin.

[2] T4 Face + Body Boost Enzyme Exfoliating Plumping Polish w/ Natural Papaya Enzyme, Antioxidant Rich Resveratrol, Blueberry + Cacao + Coffee Seed-5 oz.-All Skin Types: $34.50
Repairs All Skin Types-an antioxidant detoxifier: restores, firms w/ algae; natural papaya enzyme removes dead cells for better product absorption; clarifies breakouts, coffee seed shrinks blood vessels + reduces redness; speeds new cell regeneration, enables skin oxygenation for smoother, rosier, plumper, firmer, hydrated skin.

[3] T4 Lifting + Plumping Face + Body Boost Contour Lotion Creme for Thinning + Sagging Jowls-Cheeks-Neck-Chest-Hands + Body-4 oz.-For All Skin Types: $49.50
Repairs All Skin Types-reduces thin, wrinkled + sagging cheeks, jowls, neck, chest, hands + body; restores plumpness, volume + shape; improves contour + curves w/ 2 natural + safe + powerful active ingredients-Sarsaspogenin + Macelignan that stimulate + boost the skin’s genetic ability to generate adipose fat cells that diminish with agingimproving skin volume + plumpness, giving face + body a less wrinkled + lifted appearance, while nourishing + moisturizing.

[4] T4 All Natural Leave-On 10% Mandelic Alpha Hydroxy Face + Body Peel-2 oz.- For All Skin Types: $56.00
Repairs All Skin Types- extracted from bitter almonds, a leave on, self-neutralizing liquid, low irritation, low redness; fights breakouts, wrinkles, kills bacteria w/ natural antibiotic action, reduces excess oil + unclogs pores, smooths, evens tone, brightens + reduces brown spots/dark patches, very safe for darkly pigmented skin.

[5] T4 15% All Natural Glycolic + Lactic + Pyruvic Face + Body Peel-2 oz.- For All Skin Types: $49.50
Repairs All Skin Types-naturally occurring alpha hydroxy’s in fruits, apples, sugar cane + milk; glycolic, lactic + pyruvic penetrate improving tone, texture; loosens, removes dead surface cells, oil, bacteria, stimulates new cells, increases collagen, stimulates elastin, decreases lines, reduces pore size, smooths skin, evens out brown spots + patches; regenerates hands, neck, chest, cracked heels, dry elbows + knees. Excellent for those suffering from back acne + dry dermatitis conditions.

[6] T4 Lips + Hands + Feet Cracked Skin Repair Creme-2 oz.-For All Skin Types: $31.50
Repairs All Skin Types-compounded menthol, eucalyptus + shea butter designed for severe dry + cracked skin; softens + smoothes cracked lips, hands + feet. Prevents hard skin + calluses from forming as it enhances hydration. Excellent for medical conditions like diabetes. Prevents further chapping + cracking.

[7] T4 Neck + Chest + Jaw Line Treatment Creme- 1.7 oz. For All Skin Types: $59.50
Repairs All Skin Types-contains fat dissolving, skin tightening actives, firming, lifting, toning, tightening w/ consistent, 2 times/day application; 2 actives; adiposlim, simultaneously restricts, eliminates fat storage in adipocytes (fat cells), inhibiting free fatty acid production, stimulating lipolysis, recycling free fatty acids into energy + adipoless, providing preventative action against fat formation, suppressing cell maturation, forcing adipocytes (fat cells) to stay in dormant, non-fat storing form, both actives simultaneously form a protective barrier, increasing elasticity + thickness.

[8] T4 No Wash Hair Growth + Repair Serum-4 oz.-For All Skin Types: $49.50
Repairs All Hair Types-rapidly regrows thinning hair, refreshes, adds volume in between shampoos, encourages keratin production, removes sebum, thickens, nourishes damaged hair w/: sea buckthorn seed oil, (linoleic, alpha-linolenic) + vitamin e; fennel seed, superoxide dismutase, foeniculum vulgare : enhance scalp microcirculation -+ deliver nutrients to growing, living hair follicles, peptide hexapeptide-11 regulates collagen producing genes + hyaluronic acid, influencing biochemical pathways, converting velus hair into mature terminal hair; swertia japonica from japan prevents hair loss (alopecia areata), sugar cane, lemon + apple alpha hydroxy’s allow natural exfoliation, clearing follicle dead cell build-up, allowing thicker hair growth.