[1] T4 Alpha + Beta Hydroxy Face + Body Cleanser-8 oz. For All Skin Types: $34.50
Cleans + Repairs All Skin Types-a rinse away mild foam liquid gel blending organic salicylic (meadowsweet extract) w/ lactic (honey extract), gently exfoliates, removes excess oil, removes/suppresses dark spots, combats bacteria, breakouts, increases new cells, hydrates w/ aloe leaf, brightens, evens skin w/ bioflavonoids + willow bark, calms red skin w/ antioxidant green tea; disarms free radicals, reduces fine lines, wrinkles; excellent for sun damage-improves hydration-calms red blotchy skin.

[2] T4 Oxygenating + Antioxidant Face + Body Gel- 8 oz.-For All Skin Types: $36.50
Repairs All Skin Types-A Leave-On Gel Toner-reconditions, oxygenates, revitalizes cells, reduces wrinkles, hydrates, smooths, firms, protects against free radicals + sun damage; aloe leaf juice hydrates, smooths; gingko, rosemary + ginseng oxygenate, revitalize sluggish skin, algae firms, chamomile soothes, regenerates; antioxidants: vitamin c reduces brown spots, increases collagen; resveratrol repairs, prevents cell damage, prevents breakouts; grapefruit peel, ginger root, green tea disarm free radicals; coffee seed shrinks blood vessels, reduces redness; vitamin a improves elasticity, hydrates; vitamin e protects, disarms free radicals; oligopeptide + tetrapeptide-7 repair, reduce face + body wrinkles.

[3] T4 Face + Body Boost Enzyme Exfoliating Plumping Polish w/ Natural Papaya Enzyme, Antioxidant Rich Resveratrol, Blueberry + Cacao + Coffee Seed-5 oz.-All Skin Types: $34.50
Repairs All Skin Types-an antioxidant detoxifier: restores, firms w/ algae; natural papaya enzyme removes dead cells for better product absorption; clarifies breakouts, coffee seed shrinks blood vessels + reduces redness; speeds new cell regeneration, enables skin oxygenation for smoother, rosier, plumper, firmer, hydrated skin.

[4] T4 Extreme Retinol Resurfacing Creme-1 oz.- For All Skin Types: $59
Repairs All Skin Types-oil free: time released 1 million i.u. units pure vitamin a: small molecule penetrating outer skin, exfoliates w/out irritation, increases cell turnover, declogs, diminishes pores, stimulates collagen, elastin, minimizing lines, wrinkles, tightens, smooths skin, evens tone, diminishes scaring, brown spots, produces healthier, plumper cells, improves, controls cystic bumps + breakouts; antioxidant vitamin e fights free radicals; oil-free squalene, jojoba + apricot kernel naturally moisturize; hyaluronic acid plumps skin.

[5] T4 Anti-Aging 6% Glycolic Exfoliating + Hydrating Gel-1 oz.: $49.50
Repairs All Skin Types-oil free, water based 6% glycolic gel hydrator fights wrinkles, diminishes blemishes, lightens scaring and uneven skin tone and encourages collagen production by exfoliating dead skin cells. With aloe, vitamins a, e, green tea, camomile and cucumber to fight inflammation and soothe skin.

[6] T4 All Natural Leave-On 10% Mandelic Alpha Hydroxy Face + Body Peel-2 oz.- For All Skin Types: $56.00
Repairs All Skin Types- extracted from bitter almonds, a leave on, self-neutralizing liquid, low irritation, low redness; fights breakouts, wrinkles, kills bacteria w/ natural antibiotic action, reduces excess oil + unclogs pores, smooths, evens tone, brightens + reduces brown spots/dark patches, very safe for darkly pigmented skin.

[7] T4 15% All Natural Glycolic + Lactic + Pyruvic Face + Body Peel-2 oz.- For All Skin Types: $49.50
Repairs All Skin Types-naturally occurring alpha hydroxy’s in fruits, apples, sugar cane + milk; glycolic, lactic + pyruvic penetrate improving tone, texture; loosens, removes dead surface cells, oil, bacteria, stimulates new cells, increases collagen, stimulates elastin, decreases lines, reduces pore size, smooths skin, evens out brown spots + patches; regenerates hands, neck, chest, cracked heels, dry elbows + knees. Excellent for those suffering from back acne + dry dermatitis conditions.

[8] T4 Extreme Blemish Zapper- 1 oz.- For Acne + Blemish Breakouts: $49.50
Repairs Acne-anti-bacterial sulfur colloidal effectively breaks down blackheads + whiteheads; non-irritating organic mineral zinc oxide w/ natural salicylic beta hydroxy targets hair follicle oils, disinfects + exfoliates pores, clearing comedones + killing bacteria; natural mineral magnesium silicate + camphor cools, absorbs excess oil, dries up + shrinks size + severity of infected pores + blemishes overnight.

[9] T4 Glycolic + Salicylic + Oxygen + Zinc Purifying Mask + Spot Treatment-1 oz.- For All Skin Types: $43.50
Repairs All Skin Types-oil-free: bentonite white clay absorbs oil + cleanses pores; antiseptic zinc encourages skin healing; sulphur fights bacteria; salicylic beta hydroxy delivers anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory properties, improves barrier function, collagen production; plant derived alpha hydroxy glycolic exfoliates dead cells, smoothing, clearing skin; hyaluronic acid protects, holds natural moisture in; anti-inflammatory seaweed promotes hydration, tightens; chamomile delivers anti-irritating, anti-oxidant, soothing properties; camphor cools; oxygen plasma delivers skin oxygen molecules; pentavitin offers oil-free hydration.

[10] T4 Natural Mineral Eye + Face SPF 30 Sunscreen Moisturizer-4% Titanium Dioxide-Full-Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB-2 oz.- For All Skin Types: $28.50
Protects All Skin Types-lightweight, transparent, paraben free, fragrance free-paba free; non-irritating, safe for babies + sensitive red skin + acne/breakout skin, naturally oil-free nourishing oils moisturize, 4% titanium dioxide, a physical sun block, minimizes premature aging, red inflammation, protects against dark spot formation, potent vitamin e (tocopheryl) supplies antioxidant + anti-pollution protection.